About me


As of June 2017 I’m a Research Assistant at the Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds. My role involves carrying out text analytics of the feedback and comments relating to students’ work placements (myPAL@work), in order to develop innovative learning analytics approaches. I use methods from a variety of domains, including natural language processing and machine learning. I am also currently involved in a project that uses learning analytics to understand engagement in active video watching for soft skill learning. More broadly, I’m interested in developing approaches to operationalising high-level concepts from humanities and social studies for large-scale computational processing.

I’m also completing my PhD at the School of Computing, University of Leeds. My PhD project is on using headlines to predict the popularity of news articles on social media. My areas of interest include natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge models.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland and moved to UK for university — first London for my BA in Japanese & Linguistics, then Cambridge for MPhil in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics, and finally to Leeds for PhD in Computing.

I was very fortunate to have spent a year at Doshisha Univeristy (Kyoto, Japan) during my BA.

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