Talks and posters

April 2018

American Educational Research Association Conference (New York, USA)

Piotrkowicz, A., Dimitrova, V., Treasure-Jones, T. & Roberts, T. The Concept of the ‘Quantified Self’ and Its Use in Developing Lifelong Learners. (presented by Prof Trudie Roberts)

February 2018

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences Mini-Masterclass (Leeds, UK)

Text Analytics [slides] [video]

JISC Learning Analytics Research Day (Edinburgh, UK)

Learning Analytics for Self-Regulated Learning [slides]

July 2017

User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalization UMAP (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Using Learning Analytics to Devise Interactive Personalised Nudges for Active Video Watching [slides]

May 2017

The International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media ICWSM (Montreal, Canada)

The Impact of News Values and Linguistic Style on the Popularity of Headlines on Twitter and Facebook [slides]

Headlines Matter: Using Headlines to Predict the Popularity of News Articles on Twitter and Facebook [poster]

Research Centre for Digital Learning Symposium (Leeds, UK)

Intelligent Data Analysis to Augment Video-based Learning [slides]

April 2017

European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics EACL (Valencia, Spain)

Automatic Extraction of News Values from Headline Text [poster]

July 2016

Ideas in Practice Conference (Leeds, UK)

IBM Watson for the NHS: a pilot study at Leeds [poster]